Produced by Chini, Metrodome + Defty 
(I had to cut em loose)
I needed piece of mind, for some reason I 
I’m feelin lean tonight I’ve always been a decent guy
I know you’re feelin me, so have the decency
to come and speak to me and we can do it frequently
(I had to cut em loose) 

Man of many minors mellow moving in a mini
Merely moving in my Mitres till I’m balling with a milli
I move like Leonidas crew behind, shield stance 
Cutting lose the few that didn’t have the juice to show up hands
Wanting mula in the bands and a moment with the masses
Tryna go from a Ben's to a Benz blowing ashes
On the shadow of myself got a really scattered mind
Had to take the rope off my old wings so I could fly 
Cause others always wanna hold you down like jadakiss
and I've been aboard the ladders still they try and snake my shit
But in due time they’re throwing pennies at my piggy 
I had to cut em loose before they're near me 
(I had to cut em loose)
Cos whether it be you, you who’s in my manor
If you didn’t prepare my food, you ignore my platter
Cutting loose Judas who oppose agendas 
It don’t take extensive literature to comprehend this
(I had to cut em loose)