“Since dropping on Friday Jagged Tooth Crook the new album from The Mouse Outfit has been pretty much on permanent rotation in the UKHH HQ (random parks in South London) – the 17 track offering from the Manchester crew is full of potential summer anthems, and a solid stream of bangers dropping in the past couple of months meant expectations were through the roof. Unsurprisingly, the third studio album did not disappoint and will definitely serve well as a soundtrack for the summer”

“These guys are destined for greatness. “Step Steadier” is guaranteed to be one of 2015’s best hip-hop albums. Jaw-dropping lyrical acrobatics meet some of the smoothest grooves you have ever heard. Long story short, I love this record. It feels like a lost classic from hip-hop’s golden age before it was invaded by pop influence.”

“I can’t possibly show enough love for this release. If we had a rating system it would set a new record. The sheer amount of variety and outstanding content that is featured on this album is enough to set this up as an early candidate for HH album of the year”

“With Step Steadier, The Mouse Outfit have once again crafted an album that ticks all the boxes and will undoubtedly feature on everyone’s playlists for many, many months down the line. It seems like there’s unlimited possibilities as to what these guys can do next. To me, they’re developing a blueprint that looks unlikely to ever stagnate. They’ve evolved, elevated and only appear to be heading in one direction. Make sure you go and pre-order the new album ready for its release on 12th March, you’d be an idiot not to.”

“How do I describe The Mouse Outfit? Well, they play an eclectic style of Hip-Hop tinged with some extremely tight jazz musicianship from an extremely talented band that give this LP a very old-school vibe. I am extremely excited for this album as for me, they are one of the greatest musical talents to emerge in the last few years and it brings me great pleasure to be able to finally review it. Every track on this album is absolute Gold but there are some beautiful diamonds hidden in this mountain of treasure which I will unearth for you. ”

” Proving it’s not always grim up North, Manchester based production team The Mouse Outfit release their debut album Escape Music, a slick combination of quality samples and fiendish beats. The smorgasbord of soul, jazz, funk and reggae influences is made all the better by not taking itself too seriously, putting a grin on your face as you nod along to the lines of some of Britain’s most promising emcees.”

“Escape Music is, in short, an absolute classic of an Album. You’ll be hard pressed to find such an impressive debut anywhere in modern Hip Hop. The rest of UKHH better be ready, coz Manchester’s warming up! ”

9.5/10 – Comfortably the best release so far this year

“The Mouse Outfit was voted as Wordplay Magazine’s 2012 Best New comers and this has been firmly justified with their debut album ‘Escape Music’.  TMO are a live band, 9 members deep, with a very able roster of emcees that feature on this standout album.”

“Imagine an i-Pod shuffle stuffed full of some of the best funk, hip hop and soul tracks ever recorded and that’s pretty much what you get from a Mouse Outfit show”

“Nobody can tell us that there is a better hip hop production team out in the UK right now! This year has seen them release a slew of amazing tracks. As well as Who Gwan Test, they also teamed up with Sparkz to create Shak Out and  there was the amazing Escape Music featuring Dr. Syntax, Kosyne and Sparkz (I’m sensing a pattern here!)”

Review of Shak Out in Wordplay magazine :

“The Mouse Outfit have once again hit so many nails directly on the head with this perfectly simple, stripped down riddem of which Sparkz cloaks masterfully with a patch-worked concoction of reggae/Rap lyricism & delivery. Heard this track and literally felt everything revert back to being bless, I still havent managed to see the 8 pieced Mouse Outfit band tour with Dr Syntax yet but if the jams are as dope as this I’m sure its amazing. Hip-Hop at its best. “By Rikki James: @jamzeeze