Yo, it be the Funny brother with the fattest of flows
Connect slick back yer neck slack rock up your dome
Its popping off a lot Riddim ‘ll get diminishin
more off the top Molotov effect as I elect the next interject
Get into it Fill em up with words emerge victory
Turn em into something fronting like a don literally
Causing me to piss myself viciously from laughter
After must award these actors with a BAFTA
Fully on form be warned you step lightly
Wreck mic with a passion rivalling Aphrodite
It’s the core rhyme scheme believe we seek knowledge
mob horrid when we enter anger vent pent up energy relent
lend an ear and we will show you what the real is
no pretend real music we defend truth hurts
but thats a friend trust truth hurts but thats a friend believe
This ones done got me thinkin Tick tock and overload flows to go
See its much more than just for listening Sound expand and open soul
See some heads done got it twisted That’s why good vibes no longer shown
Only going on showing off they witless We bring the sweet sound rock the show rock the show
Now more than ever I’m in it for the music
Sound checker check the sound its how we keep it lucid
Around ready wreck a town steady with the moovin lounge heavy headed now bevvy and a zoot spin
Toot toot check mic two one to do this Too much to stop rock the room when I prove it
Whole crowds loving it bubbling like soup in a pot
We keep it booming whether you’re moving or not
Still killing the rhythm as if I’ve been given a gift pen pad
scribble scribble scrunch paper in the bin
more soul write crazy Crowd syncopated is a miss
a give em when I’m on it bunnin them with nothin but sound
Reach out yeah we’re surfacing certainly heard of them
The verse alone will leave em purple we’re verbally hurtling
across dimension journey ending with a pencil
and the will to go on ticking over to the future beyond