Air Max lites air max skylines
Air max ones up to the 95s
Nikes on my feet and a bag or weed to keep my cypher complete

I’m a fiend for Nike sneaks
Carhaat jeans, fat bags of weed and what your girls got inbetween my thumbs green
and my lungs are blacker than my skin is
I wanna roll the next zoot but can’t find where my last skin is to bill it
I’m a lifted drifted misfit, I spit the funk linguistic,
On this beat of Pitches from the cut like stitch is
And I never begged any man like pardon, wasteman get left in a bin like laden
ah freak the funk when we’re barring
call Ape Cult to a set you better know what you’re starting
I’m flying high but still unknown like space crafts or martians
so for now I’ll be that underdog barking
A boy born brainless but I ain’t aimless my focus to be famous cos I broke into the estate with £100 trainers
I dig the Nikes??? if ya didn’t know what my name is I’m Black Josh, let me take this shit back to basics

Air Max no Jordans
I’ll beat ?? them all with metamorphin metaphor with mic distorted
Man Man with a flow dope like morphine kick the sick shit to get em nauseous 
spit till I get lock jaw from talking
rock it raw no parent to the style it’s an orphan
you sound like him and he sounds like you nigga its awkward
my weed stash is awesome
I’ll be smoking MJ till I’m higher on the world moon walking
I rock ????? I’m acting like an active activist
I rap with savages and cannabis passing spliffs 
started cyphers to show a poser what rapping is
F what fashion is you started wearing air max when man were gassin it
Each crep I keep fresh so each steps stays blessed
and life as we progress
my senses ?? through for the sess and some more air max creps
Black Josh Mouse Outfit yes