This the true sound what you looking at
Just another lyric down that’s money chat
Something that I get around with none of that see
When I get it it’s gone man I’m on a yam ting
It’s real keep going I be on a stand we understanding this you understudy
us I;m on a bangers tip
I’m banging in the club another man get lift and i’m landing in trust
Them man landing in shit I run show cos I be on handling biz 
you’re front row you’re loving the angles we hit 
the funk mode I kill em with slang when I spit
Man try but why when I is
Yes bro man like I exist
Settle on a riddim its time that I did it man
get em on a giddy one how do ya like this like
yo - check the subject matter when the penny drops
you can hear the pavement shatter
get runnin been bunnin away a stay cool some try
but its a waste so more fools I stay
cunnin I’m gunnin with no toes comin in
bustin up raves i got moves fully when
kid a be givin it all that its the rap
giddy and filling in all gaps no joking
its the thing that provokes em on the other hand probably looking promotion
get no play Jose nah no way
they be buggin but I be up on a new wave
it’s a no pain get no gain so no dat
mold on when you hear me kill it with the flow don
militant illin it with the rhythm that my soul on
with this song one don dat diss.

Yeah I’m sick and tired of it
mis inform the client
doggin everyone by lying hoping that nobody will notice
still I hope that they stay joking
open palms not holding bars
its no holds barred I roll in hard
we rocking this one no stoppin this, no stoppin this

VERSE(Truthos Mufasa)
I spit bars and that you spit bars and that, 
nowadays everybody spits bars and that, 
it doesn’t matter which gaff or which bar you’re at
you’ll find an MC wearing his starter pack
I don’t play no mind I don’t front kidder
if it’s bar for bar, I’m an army star
but if your bars are hard I might run with ya
pass down the art, its hardly hard
swingin and swigging the potion
only to find out its the tip of the ocean
everybody wants to be part of the motion 
so they gonna be seeing me living my life like its golden golden
super mario mushroom clouding over that kung fu
that they try to use on truth
norman?? under that fondue bun your tundra with sun tzu dumb dude
gimme the mic gimme the beat, eliminate I illuminate E
eliminate lies illuminate me
devilish rhymes with heavenly beats, so check me devour the way I rattle it off
never give up and never retreat dead in the dust and spreading the dream
redolent lust confederate means infinity bust with Adam and Eve
showing your power like I’m a man with a god,
Gosh, I’m all abop, plucked from asunder from the rot
fully gonna bun you with wonder foot gonna put you in a gazunder for fun ya fu…
And its all about Truthos and its all about ape cult and its all about voodoo and its all about mouse
gimme the petrol gimme a douse, ya see me now