Yo Yo 

Find a spot
Begin to cotch
Pull out ya riz cos we gon bun up a lot
Check inside your bag to grab the chronic I got
full up of laptop leads for all the beats that I rock
it’s bad
still proceed to remove the trees
caution to be applied or balloon to see
we mad high as the zoot depletes 
Four deep ready time to sleep
nuff line repeat what
kippin major lean having crazy dreams
mad what the mind perceives check the rhyme is sweet
twist your head back neck snap crackle and popping
its how we keepin it real we’re on the road there’s no stoppin its locked off
its rock bottom in cats with the word play
verse stay killer murdering raps you’re served mate
turn take chalice to the left hand side, or right, whatever cos we all get hight

This for those morning afternoon night smokers 
steady high getting by fully focused
redded eye many will deny but its hopeless
have a try you may even like it toke this

We in its one of them rhymes you’re putting in effort I’m rippin the rhyme 
we’re breaking the syllable barrier namin up?? all of the negative vibes
scranning? it up and I’m feeling live
living the vida looking to lead I’m coming and running up on you
creep and ??? and finishing with an attack spillin ???? we best react
setting it straight I reckon you’re gonna relate
pass the dutchy to the left so my head releasin the pain
what I said say again Peter Piper picked a pepper 
is something i couldn’t possibly relate, its great
bunning upon the knees?? in blue
see we fuse zoots to make a mega doob is said to get your head to groove
no that its needed still kill a beat when I’m on one  ba bom bom
kick it and hit em and leave em dumb dumb now come come
let me toke upon that thing theya
or maybe I’ll wrap my own loner stoner type player
Yo gimme the fire, yo gimme the lighter one one, 
gimme the fire, gimme the lighter