IAMDDB you should keep it G, Yeah
In time, life will teach you a few,
A few times, that you do not control what’s true
And even when you come outside, I do not want to sit with you,
I tell no lies, but truth yeah I’ll speak a few
yeah yeah I’ll speak a few, starting like i know what to do 
Head falling off I’m feeling blue it’s true
I’m floating through existence, I’m finding my mission
Proceed with the process 
Progress for everything I need til I possess 
North West brudda with a bindle on my shoulders 
It's heavy but at last I hold the hope for the hopeless 
Endeavours on the nebeconazer severed my opus 
For always tryna better my better I know my focus
Many friends oppose from afar even my closest 
But no dogs embark on my path a lonely road this,
Preeing on things I've seen
I know the status of a man is achieved by reached dreams
Though my high hopes indulged by the smoke of the unseen
I carry soul and let the merry go as I scheme 
Scheming on prisms where the eye is sitting
Wild in my asylum 
Dark knight climbing out the pit I
Try assign the light to guide me til I sight in vision 
KinKai I'm Eli nothing will defy the mission