Produced by Chini 
Who Gwan Test
Some of them gwan in bad we a go bring the true live ness
Forward we have to move up cos you na say the new vibes blessed
Music to get you moving that sound that you like best
Tell Me Who Gwan Test

This how we start it, grip mic we own the whole party
No joke the shows only half, nuff big as we be steppin in the tardis
Fully lettin them know I’m a sick artist, when flows connect with true bars
its like something you can never lose heart in
Probably wanna take part in
Yeah you would if you could but you’re not,
Just gwan left it to us in the spot
Rock more than a few with the tunes that I drop nuff pull up for without bup bup bup!
Get steppin
My mouth is a weapon, projecting words with a real life lesson 
Heads be forgetting the essence but now we be ready to get up and tell em, we tell em

 Voodoo Black spit rap hazard 
the boom clap lunatics spit facts to them
 jump off mic what I’m like don’t play blow trees get high and get back to them
 yo Underdog yeah rap for them, a little northern soul for the mad rhythm
 to get the full shit step back my friend 
and listen out for the sounds of the pad and pen, I scribble
 ink spots to the page and the words I recite bring anarchy upon my town
 brother and sisters even ancestors awoke by the sounds of twisted transistors 
digest what I flex no stress when I inject something like digital text
 twist up my tongue like rizz full of cess
 when i blow out the fumes go straight to your head

Settle and run, already won
Don’t flow no matter if ya know wha gwan, 
know wha gwan now heads be on par,
Cos I be on a tip hittin em a home run,
Don’t say letters for the hell of it son
Intelligent not an irrelevant one,
Mans not into that,
unintellectual sing-y rap with nuff autotune and bling
Gimme room like wall ceiling floor
Raw, inevitable that I’m on form 
man sweatin from the heat that I’m bringing 
I’m a beast when I’m swinging through the trees
see me take it to the door, what? 
reckon that I’m better than em all,
fake entity will eventually fall,
we bring the big boy vibe,
easy I’m sure I’ve told you before